This is an educational adventure expedition for the whole family
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25 June — 06 July, 2019
12 days
A family vacation, volcanos, a sea cruise, bear watching
Medium difficulty level (participating children must be at least 7 years old)
230 000 RUB
What to expect?
We offer you to go off on a fascinating family journey into the very wilderness of Kamchatka!
You and your kids will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of primeval wildlife: you will encounter a great deal of various animals, see with your own eyes the legendary volcanos of Kamchatka, sail the ocean for two days on a comfortable catamaran in search for killer whales and other marine mammals, you will also learn a whole bunch of amazing facts from our biologist, and of course make new friends! :)
We are going to the foothills of the volcanos, out in the ocean, and to the land of bears. We are going to stay at the most beautiful hotels right by the ocean, live at a comfortable catamaran yacht, and in tents at Kurile Lake at the national park cordon protected with an electrified fence.
Adventures for the entire family
We will climb the snow-covered slopes of the volcanos, set off in the ocean on a catamaran, and live at the cordon of the national park (South-Kamchatka Federal Sanctuary).
Expand your knowledge
Learn from our team of biologists many new things about bears, killer whales, arctic ground squirrels, other animals and even plants.
Animals in wilderness!
We'll see whales, seals, bears, arctic ground squirrels and many other animals in their natural habitat.
The journey schedule for 25 - 27 June
An additional sea programme before the start of the expedition
Day 1 (25 June)
You arrive by air to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, we all meet at the airport, we transfer you to the hotel and help you with accomodation, after that you will have some time to rest, and later in the evening we are going to have a little briefing where we all will get to know each other a bit better.
Day 2 (26 June)
After accomodation at the catamaran, we are going to set off for a real sea adventure out in the Pacific Ocean. We are going to go along the cost of Kamchatka looking for killer whales and other cetacean species, and we'll see a lot of marine mammals and birds. Those who are the bravest ones will have an opportunity to swim in the ocean with killer whales. In the evening, we anchor in one of the quietest bays and are going for a walk at the shore. Before going to sleep, we will listen to a lecture on killer whales.
Day3 (27 June)
We head for Cape Kekurny to meet Steller sea lions. The bravest of you can put on your wetsuits and go snorkeling. Towards the evening, we return to the port looking for the killer whales on our way back there. In the evening, we check in at the hotel.
The journey schedule for 27 June - 06 July
The main programme
Day 1 (27 June)
You arrive by air to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, we all meet at the airport, we transfer you to the hotel and help you with accomodation, after that you will have some time to rest, and later in the evening we are going to have a little briefing where we all will get to know each other a bit better.
Day 2 (28 June)
We go to Avachinsky Volcano and accomodate at the camp site. We meet arctic ground squirrels. Then we take a little trip on foot to Verblyud mountain and effect an ascent of it. Afterwards, we watch Tarbagan marmots. In the evening, our biologist will tell you more about Kamchatka.
Day 3 (29 June)
After breakfast, we interact with arctic ground squirrels, then go to the hot springs and bathe. After that we go back to the town and check in at the hotel.
Day 4 (30 June)
Really early in the morning, we set out on an all-terrain bus, which is an off-road vehicle, on our long journey to Kurile Lake. Our journey will go along the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. By the evening, we are going to arrive to Pauzhetka village, where we'll have a dinner and spend the night in a cottage with a hot thermal pool.
Day 5 (01 July)

In the morning, after breakfast, we make the last effort to reach a crossing at the river Ozernaya by our all-terrain bus, which will take approximately 1 hour. Park rangers will meet us at the place on a boat. We load the boat with our stuff and hike 13 km (8 miles) to the Ozerny cordon at Kurile Lake. Those who wouldn't want to hike, can sail on the boat to the place. Upon arrival, we accomodate, take a look around the territory, pitch our tents, and have dinner. After that we take a tour around the cordon's territory and watch the bears there. In the evening, we have dinner and after that go to sleep.
Days 6 and 7 (02 - 03 July)
We live at the Ozerny cordon of South-Kamchatka Federal Sanctuary n. a. Tikhon Shpilenka. The cordon is surrounded with an electrified fence. Kurile Lake is a unique place which has the biggest number of bears per square km in the world. The bears here are exceptionally tolerant of people and don't display any aggressive behavior, because they don't feel threatened by us. Thanks to the park rangers, poaching and bear hunting are no longer a problem here at the park and haven't taken place here in a long time.
In the daytime, we are going to watch bears that walk around the paths around the cordon, play active and educational games, go on a boat trip around the lake looking for bears at the shore. It is also likely that we are going to effect an ascent of the Domashnyaya Volcano.
We are going to listen to one the most interesting lectures and stories about animals from our biologists, the park rangers and the photographers. In the evenings, we are going to sit around the campfire, play guitar and sing songs.
Day 8 (04 July)
Our last day at the cordon. We say goodbye to Kurile Lake, to the bears and to our new friends. Then we pack our things and head back to where we came from. Once again we load the boat with our stuff and hike back to the crossing or sail there on the boat. On our way back, we visit the famous pumice-stone rocks Kutkhiny Baty and listen to a legend about a god named Kutkh.
Later in the afternoon, we go to a mini-valley of hot springs near Pauzhetka village and then we bathe and swim in a warm river. We spend the night at the same cottage with a hot thermal pool.
Day 9 (05 July)
Driving to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky along the coastline of the Sea of Okhotsk. Checking in the hotel.
Day 10 (06 July)
A transfer to the airport. On our way, we can stop by and buy some caviar and fish at a market. Flying home or having the rest of the day to sit back and recharge your batteries and continuing the programme by going to the Tolbachik Volcano.
The journey schedule for July 6th - 12th
An additional programme to the Tolbachik Volcano
Day 1 (06 July)
Going to Kozyrevsk village (500 km/310 miles) will take around 7-9 hours. Checking in the hotel at the village.
Day 2 (07 July)
Approximately a 5-hour trip on an off-road vehicle to the foothill of the Tolbachik Volcano, the place where bright-red volcanic cones, solid volcanic bombs, endless lava streams of various grotesque forms, scoria volcanic fields of different colors, and truly gigantic lots of burned forest are situated. An out-of-ordinary panorama near the Tolbachik volacano creates the impression of a somewhat extraterrestrial scenery which isn't called a moon landscape for nothing. Setting up a camp in the local so-called «dead forest». Looking around the «dead forest» and visiting the Sulfuric eruption cones which appeared as a result of 1975-1976 eruption. Walking to the Zvezda cone and taking a look at other results and examples of the volcanic activity. In the evening, we go back to the camp and spend the night in the tents.
Day 3 (08 July)
Ascending to the crater of the Ploskyi Tolbachik Volcano, which will take around 5 or 6 hours. During the descdending, which will take around 4 or 5 hours, we'll take a look at the consequences of the 2012-2013 grand eruption.
Day 4 (09 July)
A 6-7-hour drive through Kozyrevsk village to Kopyto mountain located nearby a plateau with a gorgeous view of the volcano panorama of the Klyuchevskaya group which comprises of the Ushkovsky, Krestovsky, Kamen and Klyuchevskaya Volcanos. Setting up a camp.
Day 5 (10 July)
A far-distance walk to the Baranyi creek, which will take around 7 or 8 hours. Looking around the edelweiss meadow and the canion of the river Studenaya. Walking back to Kopyto mountain.
Day 6 (11 July)
A 9-10-hour drive to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and checking in the hotel.
Day 7 (12 July)
A transfer to the airport and flying to Moscow.
The Cost:

The main programme: 230 000 RUB (180 000 RUB for children under the age of 16)
The sea part: 50 000 RUB (35 000 RUB for children under the age of 16)
The Tolbachik Volcano: 70 000 RUB (60 000 RUB for children under the age of 16)

The Dates:
June 27th — July 6th, 2019 (the main programme)
June 25th — 27th, 2019 (an additional sea programme)
July 7th — 13th, 2019 (an additional Tolbachik Volcano programme)
  • Double and triple room accomodation in a hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky;
  • Accomodation and meals at the catamaran;
  • All programme transfers (including all-terrain bus drives to Kurile Lake and back);
  • A permit for your stay at the territory of the National Park (South-Kamchatka Federal Sanctuary);
  • Accomodation and meals in Pauzhetka village;
  • One-night accomodation and meals at the camp site during the Avachinsky Volcano tour;
  • Meals and electric power use at the Ozerny cordon;
  • A park ranger's accompanying at the territory of Kurile Lake;
  • The Team Trip crew's accompanying (guides and a biologist) all along the route.

Not Included:
  • Airplane tickets to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky;
  • Evacuation costs in emergency situations which are not covered by the insurance;
  • Additional expenses caused by bad weather conditions, flight schedule changes, breaking of personal and public equipment due to the guests' fault, illnesses, or any other unforeseen circumstances;
  • Renting a tent at Kurile Lake, in case you don't have a one of your own, which will cost 7 000 rubles;
  • Extra payment for a single-room accomodation in Paratunka/Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (3 500 rubles per night).
Requried Equipment
  • A tent (if you don't have a tent, renting it is going to cost you 7 000 rubles), a sleeping bag, a tourist foam;
  • Hiking shoes, sneakers, hiking sticks;
  • Thermal underwear, warm clothes, wool socks;
  • Waterproof clothes (a jacket, pants, a raincoat);
  • A headlamp, a regular flashlight;
  • A thermos;
  • A mosquito repellent spray;
  • A sunscree lotion;
  • For those who want to swim in the ocean (we can also rent you these things):
    • A 7 mm diving suit, socks or boots, gloves, neoprene hood;
    • A scuba mask, a scuba tube, paddles.
Additional Information
  • A direct flight from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky takes 8 hours;
  • There's a 9-hour time difference with Moscow;
  • Yelizovo airport is 1 hour's drive from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city;
  • The daytime air temperature is around 10-20 C (50 — 68 F)
  • The nighttime air temperature is around 1-12 C (33.8 — 53.6 F)
  • The ocean's water temperature is around 7-9 C (44.6 — 48.2 F)
Our Additional Programmes

You can extend our adventure-packed programme by going to the Pacific to Khalaktyrsky beach with black volcanic sand or to the incredibly beautiful Vachkazhets Volcano, or by chilling out in hot thermal springs between mountains.

1. The Vachkazhets Volcano
This is a one-day tour to an ancient volcano, one of the most beautiful places on the whole peninsula. You will find out the reason why the volcano is divided into three parts, will visit truly picturesque spots like Takhkoloch Lake, waterfalls, a volcano crater, will meet arctic ground squirrels and touch rock formations that are more than 50 million years old!

The cost: 6 500 roubles a man
The departure time: 10:00 AM
A number of tourists in the group: 4 and more
Age restrictions: at least 8 years old

  • A transfer;
  • Dinner;
  • Guide services;
  • A permit to visit the National Park;

2. Khalaktyrsky Beach
Do you want to feel the tremendous power of the Pacific Ocean? Do you want to feast your eyes on the endless horizon? Do you want to enjoy the freshest sea air and the darkest and clearest black sand? Then come with us to Khalaktyrsky beach!

The cost: 2 000 roubles a man

  • A car transfer;
  • A tourist guide's services;

The time of the tour's start: 10:00 AMThe tour duration: 4 — 5 hoursA number of tourists in the group: from 3 to 6Are restrictions: at least 4 years old

3. The Small Geyser Valley
The Small Geyser Valley is a place of the most powerful hot springs of the Mutnovsky hydrothermal basin. Steam boilers bubble at the slopes and vapor jets burst right out of them, a grand boiler churns and a formidable fountain of vapor and water shots up high in the air at the bottom of it all. And all of this happens in the background of a mind-blowing cliffy shore and mountain slopes near the Mutnovsky Volcano.Our stroll around The Small Geyser Valley will take around 2 or 3 hours, which is just enough to savor the grandeur and magnificence of this marvelous place. Fans of exotic will get a chance to reunite with nature by bathing in the hot thermal water. We suggest that after that we make a short drive to a waterfall at the Spokoyny creek and then go down to the place where the most powerful stream of clean spring water falls into the rocky bowels of the ravine.

The total duration of the tour: 10 hours.
The cost: 7 000 roubles

  • A route transfer;
  • A tourist guide's services;
  • Meals.

Equipment recommendations: hiking medium-height shoes; a warm fleece jacket; a wind- and waterproof jacket; a pair of windproof pants; a winter hat; gloves; sunshades; a sunscreen lotion; a mosquito repellent lotion; photo and video devices.

Helicopter tours:
1. A one-day tour around The Valley of Geysers: The Valley of Geysers, The Lava Pit of the Uzon Volcano, Nalychevsk Hot Springs

1) Flying out of the airport

2) An overflight of the active volcanos Karymsky and Maly SemyachnikThe flight time is 1 hour and 10 minutes. During the flight, the tourists will have an oppurtunity to take a look at two active volcanos out of the windows of the helicopter and take picture of them.

3) A hiking tour at the Valley of Geysers: during the tour you will see an eruption of the Bolshoy geyser and watch how different thermal spots, hot springs and mud pools function. The entire route is floored with wooden paths and steps and is accesible to everyone with no regards for your physical fitness.The duration of the tour is 1 hour and 30 minutes.The flight takes 5-10 minutes.

4) A hiking tour at the lava pit of the Uzon Volcano. The duration of the tour is 50 minutes. The tour takes place at the Estern Thermal Field where you will be able to enjoy different thermal activities and fascinating moon landscapes. The entire route is floored with wooden paths and steps and is accesible to everyone with no regards for your physical fitness. The flight takes 40 minutes.

5) Hot springs bathing. Landing at the nature park Nalychevo and bathing in hot thermal springs the water in whick reaches temperatures of 40 — 45 C (104 — 113 F).The tourists are provided with a dinner: a hot meal, tea, juice.

6) Returning to the airportTravelling time — 20 minutes.

The cost‬: 42 000 roubles a man
transport services, a qualified tourist guide, a hot meal.

The overall duration of the tour is 6-7 hours. Those who would like to bathe in the hot springs should have their swimming gear on them.

2. The Valley of Geysers + Nalychevo:
This programme has the same schedule as the previous one for the exception of the Uzon Volcano's lava pit.
The cost: 38 000 roubles a man
This is a comfortable motor catamaran «BERING» built by an Australian project.It has excellent sea-going performance and is resistent to rocking and pitching. It is fully equipped with everything vital for a comfortable and safe vacation: 2 separate single- and 3 double-cabins, a wet unit and a hot shower, spacious fore- and after-decks, 2 common table and 2 separate couches. The catamaran is 12 meter long and 6 meter wide, it has 8-10 berths and 2 Mercuri «Verado» engines with 250 HP. A seasoned captain and his team are waiting for you on board.
Our Tourleaders
Anna Mikhailova
In 2010 she graduated from M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Psychology. Currently she is working as a psychologist with teenagers and adults.
«I just love nature and always try to spend outdoors and in the wild as much time as possible, interacting with animals, listening to sounds, paying attention to scents and smells and images caused by associations with them. Every day I work with people and see how hard it can be to understand your own self, but nature harmonizes people, gives them strength and energy.»
Anna Bakumova
In 2013 she graduated from «Intellectual» school, Department of Biochemistry. She is a participant of Young Naturalists Club organized by the Department of Zoology and Ecology of Moscow Pedagogical State University.
«At the moment I'm studying at Moscow State University, Faculty of Psychology, Department of Neuropsychology. I'm interested in field biology, that's why I always take part in Young Naturalists Club and teach with great pleasure at summer camps.»
Mikhail Korostelev
Wild Life Photographer
He graduated from Moscow State University, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernatics. He is a traveller, an award winner of various international photo contests, and a founder of Team Trip project.
«I'm an underwater photographer and a traveller. I love our beautiful planet, especially its bigger aquatic part. I'm going to tell and show you how I make underwater pictures and pictures of wild life in general.»
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