Uganda, Rwanda, Congo
An adventurous tour around wild Africa
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November, 2020
the dates and cost of the trip are currently being specified
  • 14 Days
  • Rafting, safari, tracking, wild animals, volcanoes, waterfalls
  • Medium Difficulty Level
  • 2800 EUR
Day 1
Uganda. Arrival to Entebbe, receiving visas and meeting with the host party. Accommodation in the hotel "4 Penguins" with a beautiful view of Lake Victoria. Rest. Visiting the Entebbe Botanic Garden, where the first movie about legendary Tarzan was shot in 1940. Spending the night at the hotel "4 Penguins".
Day 2
We go to Jinja to the source of the Nile. The entire day is dedicated to rafting. We raft 31 kilometers (19.3 miles) down the river traversing 8 rapids. In between the rapids you can swim and watch numerous birds.
Returning to the "4 Penguins Hotel".
NB! There will be organized a tour to the source of the Nile for those who will not like to participate in rafting.
Day 3
Early in the morning after breakfast, we go to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary on a safari on foot with rhinoceroses. A close encounter with 3-ton giants is an unforgettable experience. In the afternoon, we drive to Masindi and stay in the "New Court View Hotel".
Day 4
Early in the morning, we set off for the Murchison Falls National Park which covers 3 840 sq. kilometers (1 483 sq. miles), where 76 different mammal species and 450 species of birds live. The altitude above the sea level varies from 619 meters (2030 ft) in the delta to 1 292 meters (4 238 ft) at Budongo Hill. We ferry to the northern part of the park to see the dwellers of the savanna, among which are giraffes, elephants, lions and many other animals.
In the afternoon, we go up the Nile towards Murchison Falls (crocodiles, elephants, buffaloes, hippos). Then we trek to one of the most amazing waterfalls in the world. Water and stone fight here to the death! You'll see astonishing views from above, you'll see how the powerful Nile makes its way between cliffs.
Around 8:30 PM we go back to the "New Court View Hotel".
Day 5
Early in the morning we go into the woods to meet our closest relatives. At least for an hour we are going to watch chimpanzees and other apes. Then we drive to Fort Portal (550 kilometers or 342 miles). on our way we'll visit one of the most mystical places in Africa - Walumbe Pits of Death.
The Pits of Death are more than 200 strange vertical holes of an ancient origin that go downward into the ground, they cover the cliffy slope of the African Tanda Hill. The pits are 1.5 meters (5 ft) wide and from 3 (10 ft) to 70 meters (230 ft) deep. According to the legend, Ggulu, the Lord in Heaven, got angry at Walumbe, whose name means 'death', and threw her down from the Heaven to the earth, and sent his brother Kaikuzi after her to wipe her out of existence for good. But Death was no fool and turned out to be cunning and insidious, and to save herself from the god's wrath she started to burrow into the earth in several places, leaving deep pits behind. Eventually, Kaikuzi didn't manage to catch Walumbe, and she remained among people, taking their sinful lives and bringing death to them.
Scientists assume that the Pits of Death were made to extract something very valuable from beneath the surface of the earth. The ancient people were far too primitive and didn't have the necessary tools for the underground work. Many people who took a chance of descending into the pits tell about an absolutely miraculous feeling of "separation of the soul from the body" which one is bound to experience in such a mystical place.
Then we spend the night in the "Raja Hotel". The estimated time of arrival to Fort Portal is 8:00 PM.
Day 6
We drive through the Rwenzori Mountains (60 kilometers or 37 miles), one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. An arrival to the Semuliki National Park. We get through a real African jungle to hot springs, which will take round 60-90 minutes. There are leopards living in the park, but it's not easy to see them, because they are nocturnal animals. Although almost certainly we'll be able to see colobuses and baboons. After the trekking, we'll visit a pygmy village and see dances of little people.
Then we drive to Kasese (The estimated time of arrival is 7:00 PM). We spend the night at the "International Rwenzori" hotel.
Day 7
In the morning, on our way to Queen Elizabeth Park first we'll cross the equator and then the Kazinga Channel connecting lakes Edward and George in Queen Elizabeth Park. In the afternoon, we'll go on a safari to watch the tree climbing lions and other animals. Then we accommodate at the "Suba" hotel.
Day 8
Early in the morning, we'll drive to Ishasha (Queen Elizabeth Park) to go on yet another one safari around the park. After that we'll head towards the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, where we'll accommodate at the "Gorilla Mist Lodge" and prepare to the coming encounter with gorillas.
Day 9
Uganda - Rwanda
After waking up early in the morning, we'll go into the jungle looking for gorillas under the leadership of seasoned rangers. An encounter with gorillas, especially with a dominant male which can weigh up to 250 kg (551 lb), will live in your memory for a long time.
After the trekking we drive to Rwanda and stay at the shore of Lake Kivu, one of the most cleanest and magnificent lakes of Africa. Then we spend the night at the "Paradise" hotel.
NB! There will be organized a free tour to the village of the Bakiga tribe for those who will not like to participate in the search of gorillas.
Day 10
Rwanda - Congo
In the morning, we cross the Congo border. This day is going to be all about an intense ascent to an active volcano. The ascent will take about 5-6 hours for which you'll be rewarded with an astonishing view of the surrounding nature, including seething lava in the crater of the volcano. We spend the night at the houses on the top of the volcano. The high of the summit is 3 470 meters (11 385 ft).
NB! You will need shoes with thick soles for the ascent, as well as warm clothes, because it is rather cold at the summit.
Day 11
Congo - Rwanda
In the morning, we descend from the volcano to Kibati village, our route lays along a frozen lava lake. Then we drive to Goma where, if you wish, we can go to a souvenir market. Then we drive back to Rwanda and spend the night at the "Haradise" hotel at the shore of Lake Kivu.
Day 12
In the morning, we go on a cruise around Lake Kivu, go to one of the islands and see hot springs. In the afternoon, we rest. The water of the lake is clean and warm, so you can swim in it if you want.
Day 13
We have the morning for our leisure time at the lake, after that we set off for Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, where we'll go to the Genocide Memorial, have a tour around the city and go to a souvenir market. Late in the evening, we transfer you to the airport.
Day 14
Flying back home.
The cost: 2800 EUR (the group must be minimum of 6 people, double room accommodation).
The Dates:
November, 2020

the dates and cost of the trip are currently being specified
  • Included:
    • Double room accommodation. The additional payment for a single room accommodation is $250
    • Breakfasts
    • All the transportation and tours within the programme
    • Entries to the National Parks
    • A motor boat and a ferry to Murchison (twice)
    • Local guides and guards in the parks
    • The pygmies' dances
    • Trekking and chimpanzees
    • The Safari on foot with rhinos
    • The ascent to the active volcano Nyiragongo (including guides and guards)
    • The transfers
  • Not included:
    • Flights
    • Uganda, Rwanda and Congo visas ($215 for all three of them)
    • The trekking to gorillas in Uganda ($600 if you choose to participate)
    • Meals (except for breakfasts, around $15-20 per day)
    • The rafting down the Nile ($140 if you choose to participate)
Additional information about the country

  • Additional information about the country The average air temperature in November in Congo/Uganda/Rwanda is 23-25 C (73.4 - 77 F)
  • The currencies: Congo - the Congolese franc (1 CDF = 0.06 RUB = 0.000608 USD); Uganda - the Ugandan shilling (1 IGX = 0.02 RUB = 0.000268 USD); Rwanda - Rwandan franc (1 RWF = 0.07 RUB = 0.001101 USD)
  • The types of plug sockets: Congo - C (link), D (link), the voltage is 220V; Uganda - G (link), the voltage is 240V; Rwanda - C (link), J (link), the voltage is 230V.
What kind of luggage to pack:
  • Trekking boots
  • A spare pair of shoes
  • Two sets of warm clothes
  • A waterproof jacket, a pair of pants, a raincoat, drybag
  • A sunscreen lotion
  • A mosquito repellent lotion
  • A headlamp
  • Trekking poles (it's not a must, but it's going to be much easier with them)
  • A sleeping bag for +5C (41 F)
  • Thermal underwear
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