Russian Arctic:
in search of polar giants

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July 03 - 11, July 12 - 20, July 21-29, July 30 - August 07, August 08 - 16

9 days
Polar bears, walruses, polar sailing
Difficulty: medium
260 000 RUB
What to expect
This is the expedition to the Russian Arctic. We sail to the Matveev island, which are home to hundreds of walruses! We will observe the rookeries and get to know the giants of the Arctic personally. A significant part of our expedition will be devoted to walruses.
Our next stop is Vaygach island. We will visit a hermit who has been living alone in the tundra for over 30 years, we will take a walk through the tundra to reach lakes full of arctic char and try some fishing.
Next, we will reach Novaya Zemlya, an archipelago famous for its large number of polar bears. We will spend several days on Novaya Zemlya in search of polar bears, snowy owls and reindeer.
It will be a real polar expedition!
In addition to exciting adventures, educational programs are waiting for you. Our guides will tell you about the amazing world of the Arctic, about whales and seals, you will learn how icebergs are formed, and, of course, about the main characters of our expedition - walruses and polar bears!
Why sailing yacht?
Why is it better to go on a yacht than on a cruise ship?
The main thing about of our expedition is that we go in a small group on our own ship, and we can fully control the route and adjust it in accordance with the wishes of the guests to reach our goals. If someone wants to shoot walruses or seals longer, or watch whales passing by, he can always do it.
Everyone will be able to be solely with nature, take plenty of pictures of animals and get an individual approach in everything. In addition, each guest will be able to get acquainted with the structure of the ship, stand at the helm, turn the winches and feel like a real sailor!
But the most important thing in any ship is the crew. We are one hundred percent sure that the ship's crew will be able to provide not only a safe and comfortable navigation, but will also help us in fulfilling our most complex and ambitious tasks!
Animals we will see
The main target of our trip is to see walruses and polar bears.
In addition to them, we can meet the following animals:
Seals - bearded seal, ringed seal.
On the ground - arctic fox, lemming, reindeer.
Whales - minke whale.
As well as many species of sea birds, including snowy owls
Day 1
Arrival to Naryan-Mar (direct flight from Moscow, 2,5 hours). City tour. Overnight on the yacht.
Day 2
At sea. Transition to Matveev island.
Day 3
Today we will visit the Matveev Island, part of Nenetsky Nature Reserve. We will observe the rookery of several hundred walruses. We will visit the settlement of scientists and the picturesque lighthouse. Night transition to Vaygach Island.
Day 4
Vaigach Island. Archipelago Karpovy Islands - we will land on the picturesque islands and admire the magnificent landscape from the hill. In the afternoon we will visit the Nenets hermit Andrey Vylko, who lives in a hut with his sled dogs, and then we will take a walk in the tundra and catch Arctic char in the lake.
Day 5
This morning we will visit the ancient Nenets shrine - the seven-faced idol, and then land on another walrus rookery at Cape Lyamchin Nos. In the evening we will stop in the north of Vaygach, where we will see a much more severe northern landscape. At night we will cross the Kara Gate and by morning we will be on Novaya Zemlya.
Day 6-7
Exploring the southern part of Novaya Zemlya Archipelago in search of polar bears. We will land on the islands and enjoy the magnificent landscapes. We will also be able to find snowy owls and reindeers.
Day 8
Transition to Naryan-Mar.
День 9
Flight back home.
Peter I
The legendary polar yacht Peter I will become our home for this week. This is a comfortable vessel made specially for sailing in high latitudes. Captain and crew have a great expertise in polar sailing and will help to make our trip safe and comfortable.
260 000 RUB per person

July 03 - 11
July 12 - 20
July 21-29
July 30 - August 07
August 08 - 16
  • Accomodation and food onboard
  • All documents for visiting Russain Arctic
  • Transfers in Naryan-Mar
Not included:
  • Flights
  • Hotels in Naryan-Mar if needed
  • Extra costs in Naryan-Mar
  • Personal equipment
Personal equipment list:
  • Warm fleece and thermal underwear.
  • Several pairs of warm socks.
  • Rubber boots (for landings).
  • Crocs for walking inside the yacht.
  • A windbreaker jacket and things made of water-repellent (waterproof) materials
  • gloves (preferably 2 pairs), a hat (preferably 2).
  • Sunglasses (with a rope so that it does not blow into the sea).
  • Personal hygiene items.
  • Hand cream and sunscreen.
  • Waterproof covers for photographic equipment.
  • Personal first aid kit with individual medicines.
  • Pills for motion sickness (dramina, stugeron)
    Our journey will take place in the Arctic summer. The air temperature fluctuates around +5+10 degrees Celsius. On the water and in the wind, the temperature feels much lower than it really is.
How to get there
  • Our expedition starts and finishes in Naryn-Mar
  • Naryan-Mar is only 2,5 hours direct flight from Moscow by Utair,
Weather conditions
  • Air temperature: 0+15 С
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