A yacht expedition in search of the giants of the Arctic
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18 - 30 May, 2021
13 days
A yacht cruise, walruses, polar bears
High difficulty level
4'990 EUR
What to expect from the trip?
We've prepared a very special adventure for you. We'll sail on an ice class sailing yacht across legendary Spitsbergen, and the mail goal of our expedition is going to be searching for and taking pictures of the giants of the Arctic - walruses and polar bears. Spitsbergen is covered with snow in May, and the ocean around it is full of ice. These are exactly the conditions we need, for we are looking for the giants which depend on ice. Diving is going to be a part of this program, including a unique experience of diving with the giants of the Arctic. This program is perfect for divers, who will be able to snorkel in the scantily explored waters of the Arctic, for photographers, who will get plenty of chances to take pictures of animals among ice and glaciers, and simply those who adores the North.For the bravest and the most experienced of you we have made it possible to dive with walruses and polar bears. As always, the TeamTrip crew is more than ready to show you animals as close as it has ever been possible.
As it always has been, we are going to swim with the whales we come across in the ocean. The long duration of the polar day at Spitsbergen and the fine weather of May (any precipitations or winds are extremely unlikely to occur in this time of year) will allow us to explore the archipelago 24 hours a day if we want to.
Besides the thrilling adventures, there are also educational programs. Our guides will tell you about the wonderful world of the Arctic, about whales and seals, about the formation of icebergs, and of course about walruses and polar bears, the stars of the show, so to speak.
Why is it better to sail a yacht rather than a cruise liner?
What's special about our expedition is that we go on our own vessel in a small group of people which allows us to fully control the route and adjust it to the guests' needs and wishes. You can always swim with passing whales or spend more time taking pictures of walruses or seals if you want to. Our beautiful yacht Peter I can take aboard 10 people including the crew and the guides which means that we're going to have a small group of 5 guests, so that everyone can spend enough time alone with nature, have plenty of time for taking pictures of animals and get individual approach in anything. Besides, each and every one of you will have an opportunity to learn how everything is organized and works around the yacht, to steer the wheel, to wind winches and feel what it's like to be a real sailor. But the most important thing on every vessel is its crew. We are hundred percent sure that the Peter I's crew will not only see to your full safety and make sure that you are comfortable during the entire expedition, but will also help us in our hardest and most ambitious goals.
What animals are we going to see?
The main goal of our journey is to see walruses and polar bears. Besides them, we can also come across the following animals:
Seals (bearded seals, ringed seals, hooded seals).
Whales (humpback whales, blue whales, fin whales, minke whales, beluga whales, narwhals, bowhead whales).
On land: arctic foxes and reindeer.
And a great number of species of seabirds.
Extreme diving with walruses and polar bears
Are you a seasoned diver or an underwater photographer? Have you been all around the world and now you are looking for new original ideas? If you are ready to take a risk and your skill are good enough to do just so, together we'll give it a shot to dive with the most exotic animals, walruses and polar bears. Since such diving has an aggravated risk exposure, the decision whether to dive or not will be made on the spot.
The yacht Peter I
A gorgeous ocean yacht under crimson sails is going to become our home. The captain and the crew of the yacht are seasoned and experienced people that we have absolute confidence in. They will make our journey totally safe and comfortable.
Day 1
Arriving to Longyearbyen, checking into a hotel. Walking around the town.
Day 2
Early morning transfer to the boat and departure from the harbour. We move along Isfjord - the main fjord of Svalbard.
At the first day its already possible to encounter pods of belugas, seals and walruses.
Day 3
We will spend the day at the walrus colony. We will enjoy being around these large and beautiful animals and filming them in the wild.
Later we will head north to Kongsfjord, searching for wildlife. We will see the cliffs full of birds and hopefuly encounter polar foxes.
Days 4-9
Our yacth will cruise north along the coastline. We will continue searching for wildlife, and our main focus now will be polar bears who dwell in this region. When we reach the ice edge, we will start searching for polar bears while enjoying the view of the icebergs, glaciers and sea ice.
Days 10-11
Our yacht heads back south to Longyearbyen. We continue to search for animals on our route.
Day 12
Arriving back to Longyearbyen and checking into a hotel.
Day 13
Flight back home.
The Cost: 4 790 EUR
The Dates:
19 - 31 May, 2021
  • Accommodation and meals on the vessel
  • Polar diving/free-diving/snorkeling
  • Tanks and weight belts
Not included:
  • Airplane tickets to Spitsbergen and back home
  • Accommodation at a hotel in Longyearbyen (but we can assist you in booking)
  • Any additional expenses in Longyearbyen
  • Your personal gear, including diving equipment
  • Diving insurance
The list of the required equipment
  • Warm fleece clothes and thermal underwear.
  • Several pairs of warm socks.
  • Rubber boots (for landing).
  • A pair of Crocs or rubber flip-flops to wear on board of the yacht.
  • A storm coat and waterproof clothes: gloves (it's better to take 2 pairs of them), a hat (it's also better to take 2 hats).
  • Swimsuits, shorts and swimming trunks (in case we get lucky with a thermal bath at Deception Island).
  • Sunshades (with a rope, otherwise you might drop them in the sea).
  • Personal hygiene items.
  • Sunscreen and hand cream.
  • Waterproof cases for your photo devices.
  • Your aid kit with your personal medications.
  • It's better to pack your things in soft bags and backpacks.
  • Motion sickness pills (Dramina).
Our journey is going to be in Antarctic spring. In this time of year, the air temperature is about 0 C (32 F). When you're at sea and exposed to winds, the air temperature may seem to be lower than it really is.
Diving Equipment
  • A scuba mask, a scuba tube, paddles
  • A dry diving suit with a hood
  • A weather-appropriate set of thermal underwear (it would be a sound idea to take 2 sets of those)
  • 2 independent DIN regulators for cold-water diving
  • A buoyancy compensator
  • Gloves (we recommend 7mm wet gloves), a buoy, a knife, a dive computer, a flashlight, a compass.
  • A repair-kit for your equipment.
Polar diving isn't the hardest, but also isn't the easiest kind of diving. The water temperature can fall to -2 C (28.4 F) which is why it's extremely important that you're entirely sure that you can do it and that you can rely on your equipment. A cold-water diving experience is a must. We don't go for records, so it's going to be no more than two dives a day at the depth of up to 20 meters (65.6 ft). We have tanks, a compressor and weight belts on board.
Addition information about the country
  • The water temperature is +2 С (35.6 F)
  • The air temperature is 0 С (32 F)
How to get to the starting point of the journey
  • You can get to Longyearbyen (LYR) with a transfer in Oslo (OSL). There is no visa requirements for the citizens of the Russian Federation if they want to go to Spitsbergen, nevertheless the transfer in Oslo Airport is only possible if you have a Schengen visa.
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