Secret Whale Tour
The permanent participants of Team Trip whale expeditions only. We are gathering the perfect scout team!
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11 - 18 October, 18 - 25 October 2020
8 days
Snorkeling with whales
Easy level
3300 EUR
How does the secret tour take its course?
Utter Secrecy
You don't know where you are going. We are going to keep the secret till the last minute. We are going to buy your tickets on our own, so that you get to know the destination point only at the airport. What we want is keep you intrigued, so we are asking you to maintain secrecy as well. Turn off the geolocation in social media and do not post any photos that can reveal your whereabouts through geotags or anything else.
The climate and accomodation conditions
It's going to be hot. The water temperature is 25-28 C (77-82.5 F). The water is clear. We are going to stay at a hotel and make day-long boat trips into the ocean.
30 USD after arrival
The airplane tickets price
The airplane tickets are going to cost about 1000 EUR from Europe. Upon request we will check the tickets for you and let you know the exact price. Transfer us the money and we'll book the tickets for you.
We rely on our previous successful experiences with several species of whales in these areas. But despite this, there is a risk that we will not see the whales. But we are always lucky!
Day 1
We meet at a secret airport of a secret place and secretly drive to a secret hotel.
Days 2-7
We go into the ocean looking for whales. In case of foul weather, we go sight-seeing.
Day 8
Transferring to the airport and going home.
Cost is 3300 euros
11 - 18 October 2020
18 - 25 October 2020
What's included:
  • Transfers
  • Double room accommodation at a hotel (BB)
  • Sea trips on the speed boat (4 days)
Additional expenses:
  • International flight
  • Insurance
  • Food
  • Extra payment for single room accommodation - 300 EURO
  • Extra ocean days (300 EURO per day)
The Team Trip leader
Mikhail Korostelyov
The Team Trip project founder, the ideological inspirer of all new courses, an underwater photographer. Well, you already know who he is.
Additional information about the country
  • The water temperature is 25-28 C (77-82.5 F)
  • The air temperature is 28-35 C (82.5-95 F)
  • We will clarify the visa issue for each participant of the trip
  • USD currency
  • EURO electricity plugs
To-pack list
  • Passports and tickets
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Sunshades
  • A head-dress
  • Mask, Fins, snorkel
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