The Kingdom Of Tonga
Swimming with whales, Tongatapu island
Fiji world-class shark diving & Active volcanoes of Vanuatu as additional options
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11-19 August, 18 - 26 August, 2019
9 days
8 nights
Diving with whales
Difficulty Level: Easy
3250 EUR
What to expect from the trip?
Time to shake dust off you wetsuit – TeamTrip is heading to the Kingdom of Tonga and you're more than welcome to join us for the adventure! This small archipelago hidden in the Pacific Ocean is one of the few tropical corners on the planet that has preserved its identity since the time of the great seafarers. Tonga is world-renowned for humpback whales that travel there all the way from Antarctica to give birth and bring up their calves. Tonga is believed to be one of the best places in the world for snorkeling with whales. The whales there are friendly and curious, so snorkelers have plenty of great opportunities to see them up close. The сalves are playful and often come close to have some fun time with snorkelers.

Before the main program starts all the adrenaline addicts will get a chance to put their courage to test as we have added an option of no cage Fiji shark diving to the program! Shark species to meet: blacktip reef shark, whitetip reef shark, gray reef shark, nurse shark and the stars of the show - bull sharks!

If you're in for some more adventure after the main program is over you can sign up for the additional Vanuatu program! We'll climb Mount Yasur – one of the most active volcanoes in the world, hike to the active volcanic cones Benbow and Marum at night to see lava splashing against rock and cruise around the local bays in boats in finding dugongs and taking a swim in crystal clear ocean now and then.

Join us to make it the experience of a lifetime!
Day 1 (11 August / 18 August)
Arrival to Tonga. Check in to a hotel. Free time. Briefing in the evening.
Days 2 - 7
Early breakfast (8.15am). Transfer to the port (9am). Looking for whale sightings and swimming with them. Lunch (1pm). Transfer back to the hotel. Free time after 4.30pm.
NOTE: Swimming with whales in groups exceeding 4 people (apart from the guide) is prohibited by local authorities to we'll have to split into smaller groups for the diving.
Day 8
Exploring the island, diving in caves, swimming.

INTERESTING FACT: Sunday is officially a day off in Tonga and nobody actually works during the day.
Day 9 (19 August / 26 August)
Departure home OR continuation of the trip with our additional Vanuatu program.
Cost: 3'250 EUR per person
Dates: 11-19 August, 18 - 26 August, 2019
What's included?
  • accommodation on the island (double rooms);
  • breakfasts at the hotel;
  • all transfers according to the itinerary;
  • lunches while out in the ocean or exploring smaller islands;
  • boat rental fees for close approach to the whales;
  • freediving and swimming with whales;
  • freediving and guiding services;
  • basic guided tour around the island.
Additional expenses
  • plain tickets;
  • diving and snorkeling gear (wetsuits, flippers, masks, tubes are available for rent);
  • health insurance.
The Kingdom Of Tonga
Additional information about country
  • Air and water temperature about 23C
  • Currency: Tongan paʻanga (TOP)
  • Wall connectors: type I (photo), 240V
To-pack list
  • sun screen;
  • hat;
  • fins, mask, snorkel, wetsuit 3mm or 5mm;
  • insect repellent.
Additional options

14-18 August, 2019; cost 1200 EUR per person

Day 1 (14 August). Arrival to Fiji. Check in to a hotel.
Day 2 (15 August). Shark diving.
Day 3 (16 August). Shark diving
Day 4 (17 August). Free time, relaxation.
Day 5 (18 August). Breakfast and airport transfer. Flight to Tonga

What's included?
  • airport transfer;
  • accommodation at The Pearl South Pacific hotel (4 nights, double rooms, garden view);
  • breakfasts;
  • guided shark diving;
  • all taxes;
  • tanks and weights;
  • park fee.

Additional expenses

  • plane ticket to Fiji;
  • equipment rental fees (about 20 euro per day);
  • reef diving (optional, 200 euro per day);
  • national reserve entrance fee (about euro per day

26 August - 04 September, 2019; cost 2200 EUR per person

Day 1 (26 August)
Arrival to Port Vila. Transfer. Check in to a hotel. Free time

Day 2 (27 August)
Early morning boat tour. Looking for dugongs. Snorkeling. Lunch on the beach. Swimming in crystal clear water. Sun bathing

Day 3 (28 August)
Air transfer to Tanna island. Check in to a hotel. Free time. Setting of to Mount Yasur in the evening. Watching lava flow, bubble and spit in the crater. Lava is best to be observed at dawn and/or dusk.

Day 4 (29 August)
Air transfer back to Port Vila. Observing dugongs, snorkeling. Free time. Overnight stay at a hote

Day 5 (30 August)
Air transfer to Ambrym island. Guided jeep transfer through the jungle to a local village. Welcoming ceremony, lunch. Exploring the village. Swimming and sunbathing on the beach with black volcanic sand. Overnight stay in lodges and tents

Day 6 (31 August)
Jeep transfer through the jungle to the starting point of the trek (1 hour). Trekking to the campsite through the jungle observing palms, lianas and giant ferns. Lunch at the campsite. Trekking to the Benbow volcanic cone (1.5 hour), observing lava in the crater both during the daytime and after the sunset. Return to the campsite at night. Overnight stay in tents

Day 7 (1 September)
Breakfast. Trekking to the Marum volcanic cone (1.5 hour). Observing the area and the crater during the daytime. Return to the campsite for lunch. Trekking back to the Marum cone to watch lava in the dark. Overnight stay at the campsite

Day 8 (2 September)
Breakfast. Trekking to one of the cones in the morning. Lunch. Transfer to the village. Overnight stay in lodges.

Day 9 (3 September)
Transfer to the airport. Air transfer to Port Vila. Free time, snorkeling. Overnight stay at a hotel.

Day 10 (4 September)

What's included?

  • airport transfers;
  • accommodation according to the program (double rooms);
  • breakfasts;
  • all meals on Ambrym island (breakfasts, lunches, dinners)
  • guiding services;
  • gear and equipment (tents, mats, respirator);
  • all taxes.
Additional expenses
  • plane ticket to Vanuatu;
  • air transfers;
  • meals except for mentioned above;
  • personal equipment (sleeping bags, trekking poles, trekking boots);
  • single accommodation in Port Vila (extra 120 euro per person
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