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Scientific and educational cruise
Snorkeling with orcas and Steller sea lions
Climbing on volcanoes
Watching brown bears
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12 - 21 July / 17 - 26 July / 28 July - 06 August /
08 - 17 August
Duration 10 days
Oorcas, whales, volcanoes, Steller sea lions, bears, cruise, hot springs
Easy difficulty level
Price from RUB 138,000
What to expect from the trip?
Killer whales
We will see orcas, and the bravest ones will even be able to swim with them in the open ocean! To see an orca, or even a whole family of killer whales (they almost always stick together), is an amazing thing by itself. You fall in love with them at first sight, and can't stop admiring their beauty and grace. Can you imagine how amazing it is to swim with them right in the water? To hear them breathing a metre away, to see that they also are interested in you and go to contact - it is something beyond reality!

On our previous cruise, one participant was lucky enough to look into an orca eyes underwater: animal dived very close and slowly swam right under the girl, looking at her! Who knows, maybe one of you will be also lucky?
Steller sea lions
We will be watching sea lions and swimming with them in the water wearing just masks and fins! *Oh, and wetsuits, of course! :)

This is one of the funniest activities in the world, sea lions play under water like real kittens (or lionesses?): They carefully monitor you with their huge expressive eyes, playing around, and trying to grab your fins!

*Snorkeling. Diving is on demand
We will climb Avacha volcano (also known as Avachinsky or Avachinskaya Sopka), one of the most active volcanoes of the Kamchatka Peninsula and its calling card Mutnovsky, which is one of the most "living" volcanoes, because of rising pillars of steam over the volcano, which you can see in a clear weather!
Helicopter tours
During free days we will fly to the Kurile Lake to watch bears in wild nature and to visit famous Valley of Geysers - the absolutely "must visit" of this region!
Let's cruise on an ocean catamaran! A warm, comfortable catamaran with an excellent team of professionals and its own chef on board will be our cozy home for 5 days while in search for killer whales. We will explore the Pacific Ocean and picturesque bays along the way! We will spend the night in the famous Russkaya Bay, get fresh fish directly from the ocean, paddle on kayaks very close to the sealery of sea lions and seals and much more!
This time of the year is the best time for watching bears in Kamchatka: it is in July-August that red salmon goes to spawn in the purest mountain rivers, where it is already awaited by brown bears - well-known fans of this fish! We know several places where you can watch this action from a distance of a few meters and surely we make a stop there! Of course, the number of bears per square meter can not compare with Kurile Lake, but if we are lucky enough, we will be able to see two-three, or maybe even five bears :)
Day 1 (12 July / 17 July / 28 July / 08 August / 18 August )
Arrival. Meeting at the Yelizovo Airport. Transfer to the hotel in Paratunka. We recommend to take early flight, or a flight day earlier to adapt to the change of time zone before the start of our intense programme.

We have prepared a surprise: a horse walk on the beautiful Halaktyr beach with black sand! After we get back to the hotel - briefing.
Day 2

Breakfast. A day trip to the active Mutnovsky volcano and climbing to the crater. Return to Paratunka hotel. Rest before our adventure in the ocean!
Day 3
In the early morning we will have check-in on the Catamaran. Getting to know the crew, coaching. Going out to sea. Breakfast, lunch and dinner on board of the catamaran. Going to the Russkaya Bay, on our way we will search for marine mammals and observe them.
Day 4
In the morning we will go and search for killer whales: we will sail from bay to bay along the Southeast coast of Kamchatka. The direction is determined by the most favourable weather and reports on presence of whales and killer whales. In case of favourable conditions (behaviour of killer whales, weather conditions) we will even try to swim with them right in the ocean!

After lunch we will continue our search, and in the evening we will go back to the Russkaya Bay, where we will land and walk to the abandoned barge and the surrounding area. Be careful - there is a good chance to meet a bear here! But do not worry: following the rules, the care and professionalism of our guides will allow you to watch these beautiful animals from a safe distance, and stories of biologists - to learn a lot of interesting things about their lives!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner aboard the catamaran. In the evening we will have an interesting lecture on life of animals from Team Trip biologist. Overnight in cabins.
Day 5
Again we will go in search of killer whales to Cape Kekurny, where we often meet the whole pod! During recent expedition we saw 20 killer whales at the same time on their hunt! Can you imagine?:)

Let's go to the cape and swim with our favourite friends: sea lions! Indeed sea lions are huge, playful and curious… Kittens!:) They rarely come one by one, usually surrounding us with attention of the whole pod) When we finish splashing in water with sea lion cubs, we will go to the Tikhaya Bay: here we will explore the wildlife of Kamchatka on a crystal clear lake on kayaks!

We will land at our favourite secret place "in the middle of nowhere" and walk around the neighborhood :). After the walk we will go on a sea fishing: we will get food for dinner!:) And just before sunset again we will come to the cape with sea lions, but now we will paddle and approach them on kayaks to observe in the golden rays of the sun! Usually sea lions willingly pose and loudly greet their guests:)

In the evening we will arrange a real fishers sauna at the Russian bay to warm up after a day in cold water!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner aboard the catamaran. In the evening we will have an interesting lecture on life of animals from Team Trip biologist. Overnight in cabins.

Day 6
In the morning we will get up early and go kayaking to the sealery near the place of our stay. Ringed Seals are beautiful and shy, but incredibly curious animals! We will approach them very quietly and carefully, and they will surround us in the water, popping up like floats and approaching closer and closer to see strangers! We must admit: the place chosen for sealery is picturesque, there are few waterfalls nearby, we will paddle closer and admire them. After breakfast, we will search again for killer whales, and if possible, swim with them. After lunch, we will go searching again, or we will return to Russkaya Bay and make a hike up the waterfalls to the most beautiful mountain lake! Upon returning a surprise awaits: we will take a boat and sail to a secret place on the river where the bears fish - if we are lucky, we can watch these huge, but at the same time very active animals, from a very close distance!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner aboard the catamaran. In the evening we will have an interesting lecture on life of animals from Team Trip biologist. Overnight in cabins.
Day 7
Sadly, today it's time to go home. Farewell to the bay that has become our home, and we will go towards the city. On the way we will visit another cool place: Green Cape, where we always see killer whales and where they are studied by scientists of the FEROP Project! We will land on the Cape, take a walk on the tall grass, admire the views of the Vilyuchinsky volcano (also known as Vilyuchik) and, if we find scientists in their camp, we will ask them about the life of killer whales, their discoveries, and also find out the entire genealogy of local orca families :)

Closer to the city we will stop at the bird's bazaar (the Starichkov Cape). If we keep up with the schedule, we can land and take a walk closer to the nests.

Return to the city no later than 7.00 pm. Check-in at the hotel in Paratunka. Overnight in the city.

Day 8
Reserve day in case of bad weather. If the programme is complete, then additional activity is optional. Stay night in the city. If everything goes according to the plan, you can take part in additional programmes (specify details when booking):
- 6 hours helicopter tour to the Valley of Geysers (three landings, lunch, soaking in hot springs);
- 6 hours helicopter tour to the Kurile Lake (three landings, lunch, soaking in hot springs); etc.
Day 9
A day trip to the foot of the Avachinsky volcano. Observing Arctic ground squirrels (known by locals as Evrazhka), black-capped marmots and foxes, climbing a Camel Mountain. Those who wish can climb to the top of the Avachinsky volcano.
Day 10 (July 26 / August 6 / August 17 / August 27)
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport, departure. Or you can continue to additional programme.

All programme: RUB 188,000.- per person
Only maritime part: RUB 138,000.- per person
Dates: 12 - 21 July / 17 - 26 July / 28 July - 06 August /
08 - 17 August
  • Hotel accommodation (double) in a hot spring hotel in Paratunka
  • Breakfasts at the hotel in Paratunka, three meals a day during marine part.
  • All transfers in accordance with the programme
  • Accommodation on a catamaran in 2-berth or 3-berth cabins
  • Tour guide
  • Freight of expeditionary vessel *
  • Cost of one-day itineraries under the programme
Maritime Programme, included:
  • Three meals a day during the maritime part
  • All transfers in accordance with the programme
  • Accommodation on a catamaran in 2-berth or 3-berth cabins
  • Tour guide
  • Freight of expeditionary vessel *

*Freight of expeditionary vessel includes:
  • Payment for the ship's crew, captain, assistant captain, cook, guide
  • At the disposal of cruise members: motorboat; supboards (standup paddleboards); fishing rods for sea (low-water) fishing
Not included:
  • Air tickets
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Health insurance
  • The cost of evacuating in non-insurance emergencies
  • Additional costs caused by bad weather conditions, changes in flight schedules, breakdown of personal equipment and public equipment due to guests, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances
  • Lunches and dinners in Paratunka (there is a restaurant)
  • Additional transfers that are not in accordance with the programme
  • The cost of the additional programme on free days
  • Co-payment for single accommodation in Paratunka (RUB 3500.- per night)
The route is designed for favourable weather conditions. It is necessary to understand that depending on the time of year, weather conditions, venue and other factors, the travel plan can be changed. The above-mentioned schedule and event plan is approximate, routes are chosen in accordance with the level of training and physical conditions of the participants, as well as depending on the weather conditions.
List of necessary equipment
  • Comfortable waterproof shoes 2 pairs (tracking shoes, good sneakers)
  • Thermal underwear
  • Flashlight
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Waterproof pants, jacket
  • Raincoat
  • Hat, wool socks, gloves, jacket
  • Wetsuit 5-7 mm, mask, snorkel, fins, gloves, socks (can be rented in the dive center in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky).
Ph: Михаил Коростелев, Юрий Климин, Игорь Подгорный, Оганес Таргулян
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