free diving and swimming with Killer Whales

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04 - 12 November / 14 - 22 November, 2020
9 Days
Swim with Killer Whales and Humpbacks in Norway
2850 EUR
What to expect from the trip?
Team Trip invites freedivers, underwater photographers and all wildlife enthusiasts on an adventure trip to winter Northern Norway!

In the second half of Autumn the fjords of Northern Norway are filled out with herring, and then thousands of shoals are followed by fish-eating killer whales and humpbacks. Norway is one of these rare places in the world where you can swim with killer whales in the clear water and see dozens of animals in one dive.

During the trip we will live and go out into the ocean on our own yacht. This will give us two main advantages:

  1. Increase of our sailing radius. If whales go to another region different from the intended location, we will follow them.
  1. The yacht has a kitchen, that is, you can cook yourself. Norway is an expensive country and prices in the restaurants are very high. Having our own kitchen will help you significantly save on food.
Pay attention: this trip involves snorkeling or free diving, but not scuba diving – diving equipment can scare off killer whales. You don't need to have special skills to join our expedition.

What are we going to see?
  • Huge shoals of herring
  • Killer whales, and if you're lucky – a lot of killer whales :)
  • Humpback whales during hunting
  • Fin whales, Minke whales and Sei whales
  • Pilot whales and Dolphins (less often)
  • Northern Lights (it is one of the best seasons and regions to witness and photograph this amazing sight in the Arctic night sky)
  • Magnificent Arctic winter landscapes
  • Real Polar Night
  • Numerous seabirds
  • Majestic White-tailed Eagle
Killer whales
They are the main purpose of our adventure! We will watch the Killer whales from the yacht and in the water.
Humpback whales
In addition to Killer whales huge Humpback whales come to feed in these places! We will swim among them.
Northern Lights
In the evenings we will admire the magical Northern Lights!
Learn and discover a lot of new things
The biologist of our project has prepared wonderful educational lectures that await you.
Day 1 (04 November / 14 November)
Meeting at the Tromsø Airport. Transfer to the yacht and check-in. Rest after the flight and have a free time. Orientation briefing (introduction) in the evening.

We kindly ask you to plan your arrival in the afternoon. We won't be able to meet you in the morning. If you do arrive in the morning, you can leave your luggage in the storage room and walk around the city on your own.

Welcome to the Happiest Country in the World! No jokes, in 2017 Norway took the first place in the UN World Happiness Report. Fishing villages, Northern Lights, impregnable cliffs are all here. On the wharves local fishermen sell freshly caught shrimps, catfish, halibut, redfish, herring, and so has been going on for centuries.

Tromsø is Norway's ninth most populated city. There is a beautiful bridge, several football clubs and even a Troll park on the Island of Senja. But that's not why we're here.
Day 2 (05 November / 15 November)
Early go out from marina and transfer on the yacht to Skjervøy. We will adapt to live on board the yacht, as well as adapt to sea legs and will take pictures of surrounding views. Those who wish will get basic skills on managing the sailing ship.

Skjervøy is a Norwegian kommune. This have nothing to deal with communism, it's norwegian name for municipalities. It is a combination of words "rocky land" and "island".

Wildlife is always about contrasts, and the Northern Norway is not an exception. It is a less populated region and at the same time a hub for ecotourism. Locals lead a healthy lifestyle, they used to skiing and snowboarding, and in summer they go up the mountains, climbing. Northern Norway has long and light polar days in summer, and the same long polar nights in winter. We plan to be based here throughout the route.
Day 3-8 (06-11 November / 16-21 November)
Going out to the sea with the first rays of the sun. Search for cetaceans and have a look on the fjords. Free diving with Killer whales. Under clear skies we will go and take pictures of the Northern Lights. In case of the bad weather, an alternative programme to inspect the surrounding area is possible.

The weather in Northern Norway is incredibly changeable. It can be difficult to forecast on tomorrow, thus, the plans can change at any time. The presence of animals also cause a big impact, we will change the location, if necessary.
Day 9 (12 November / 22 November)
Transfer to Tromsø Airport by car or by bus. Departure flight.

IT'S IMPORTANT: Buy departure tickets only for the SECOND half of the day / afternoon.
Depending on the dates of the trip the route can be passed in a direct or in the opposite direction. Please check and specify the information at the time of the booking.
If you do not have time to arrive at the beginning of the travel programme, you can join the group by prior approval, starting from the second day of the route.
The order of the days and the itinerary within the day can vary. For example, going out to sea depends on the height of the waves and the presence of animals.

In addition to the main points mentioned, for each evening, if there is enough energy left, we have prepared a cultural programme:
  • Lecture from our biologist on whales.
  • A story about our other adventures and trips.
  • Thematic films screening,
  • and much more.
Cost per person: 2850 EUR
The fuel surcharge and Full Board meal are additionally paid - 350 EUR
Dates: 04 - 12 November / 14 - 22 November, 2020
  • All transfers in accordance with the programme, including arrival and departure at the airport
  • Yacht freight and skipper services
  • Daily going out into the ocean in search of whales (regarding weather conditions)
  • Excursions to the Northern Lights (regarding weather conditions and the solar activity)
  • Tours to explore surroundings in case of bad weather
  • Support and accompanying during the entire trip
  • Help with travel planning
Not included:
  • Flight to and from Tromsø
  • Medical (health) insurance
  • Visa to Norway
  • Meals on the route
  • Individual snorkeling equipment (diving mask, shape breathing tube - snorkel, swim fins, wetsuit, weight belt)
Additional information
  • Average air temperatures are from - 5°C to + 3°C
  • Average water temperatures are + 3°C… + 4°C
  • Currency: Norwegian krone (NOK), approximate exchange rate is 1 EUR = 10.022 NOK
  • Types of sockets: C (photo), F (photo), voltage is 230V
To-pack list
  • Passports, printed tickets
  • Headwear
  • Warm and waterproof clothes
  • Swim fins, diving mask with snorkel, gloves, socks, hooded wetsuit and diving weight belt (9 mm)
  • Diving suit rental is specified with each client individually (it is better to carry the suit with you)
  • Waterproof and impact-resistant camera cases and bags, as well as for photo and video-equipment
  • Motion sickness medicine
Tour leader
Stanislav Zakharov
Biologist, photographer, diving instructor
Stanislav Zakharov will be the tour leader of this trip! Stanislav is the biologist of Team Trip Project. Fascinating lectures on whales, as well as screening of scientific and educational films will be awaiting for you in the evenings. Stanislav will tell you how to approach to Killer whales, so that communication with them will be as interesting as possible!
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