Musk Oxen photo safari
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31 october - 4 november, 2020
5 days
national park, musk ox, photo tour
Уровень сложности:
850 EUR
What to expect from the trip?
Dovrefjell National park is known to be the home to elusive musk oxen. These animals are contemporaries of mammoths and wooly rhinos - the survivors of great Pleistocene extinction. They are evolutionary designed to survive the harshest conditions in the world.

Dovrefjell mountains is now the home to over 250 musk oxen, which were reintroduced here in the middle of XX century. And, more important, it's the most accessible place in the world where you can see musk oxen!

If you're animal photographer or wildlife lover, you are welcome to join our special trip to Norway!
The beginning of November is a great time for photography - the mountains are already covered with snow, the daylight is still long, and the sun is low - perfect conditions to make great shots.

Dates of the expedition are specially designed to make it possible to combine this trip with our orca safari!
Day 1
Arrival to Trondheim. 150 km by car to Oppdal.
Day 2
Today is our first day at the mountains of Dovrefjell in search of musk oxen. We will be guided by local musk ox expert to bring us to the best place to meet musk oxen.
Day 3
Today we will take a break and drive around the area to do some sightseeing and landscape photography.
Day 4
Our second day with musk oxen.
Day 5
Driving back to Trondheim and flights back home or to Tromso for orca safari!
The program may be changed due to weather conditions.
The cost: 850 EUR
31 october - 4 november, 2020
  • Accommodation at the hotel or guesthouse in Oppdall.
  • Car, fuel costs
  • Two days with musk oxen
  • Airport transfer
Not included:
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Personal equipment
  • Any extra expenses
Tour leader
Stanislav Zakharov
Biologist, photographer, diving instructor
Stanislav Zakharov will be the tour leader of this trip! Stanislav is the biologist of Team Trip Project. Fascinating lectures on whales, as well as screening of scientific and educational films will be awaiting for you in the evenings. Stanislav will tell you how to approach to Killer whales, so that communication with them will be as interesting as possible!
Additional information
  • Average air temperatures are from - 5°C to + 3°C
  • Average water temperatures are + 3°C… + 4°C
  • Currency: Norwegian krone (NOK), approximate exchange rate is 1 EUR = 10.022 NOK
  • Types of sockets: C (photo), F (photo), voltage is 230V
To-pack list
  • Warm winter clothes, hat, gloves
  • \Winter trekking shoes
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