Living a naturalist's dream - following in Darwin's footsteps
Galapagos Islands
October 20th- November 4th, 2018
Here's your chance to join our expedition to one of the Earth's most out-of-this-world spots following in Charles Darwin's steps – the volcanic Galapagos archipelago. The islands we're gonna stay on ‒ Isabela, San Cristobal and Santa Cruz ‒ will take turns trying to impress you with the unique wildlife both on land and in the ocean. The ones to the east are older, the ones to the west – a bit younger, but who cares when each of these remote islands is inhabited with tons of species well worthy of mention. You'll get to snoop on the secret life of sea lions and fur seals, watch over 60 kinds of birds, mostly endemic, feel exotic fish brush against your legs and even take a swim with dolphins, manta rays and hammerhead sharks in huge groups of up to 300. Let alone iguanas, who are one of the most distinctive representatives of the local wildlife.

Some call the Galapagos Islands the 8th wonder of the world and not without a reason: you'll most likely fail to find another place just as rich in flora and fauna as well as a place with landscapes just as diverse. Some of the islands are covered with dense tropical forests whereas others are magnificent desolation with volcano peaks and moon-like sceneries. Those with a thing for beaches will find true pleasure in trickling black, white and olive green sand through their fingers, knowing they can put on a mask and go snorkeling at the coral reef any time they want.

October 20th- November 4th, 2018

Program options, dates and prices

Ecuador (3 days) + Galapagos Islands (regular) – 2400$

Ecuador (3 days) + Galapagos Islands (diving included) – 3400$

Galapagos Islands solo (regular) – 1800$

Galapagos Islands solo (diving included) – 2800$

Please note that the cost of the program does not cover the tickets, but we can help you find the best offer available if needed.


Day 1 (October, 20th)
Arrival to Quito.

Day 2 (October, 21st)
Exploring Quito. After the meet up at the airport we'll check in to the hotel and have some rest. Not too much, though: there are so many places on our to-visit list! You'll get a chance to take some pics of the famous "Middle of the World" monument, stand on the equator line for a while and check out one of the highest cable cars in the world – Teleferico. Take the time to enjoy the gasp-inducing city views from Pichincha volcano viewpoints and get ready for a walk around the city – local sights are definitely worth seeing.

Day 3 (October, 22nd)
Hiking to the Cotopaxi volcano. Not only will we go up one of the highest active volcanos, but also walk down to Laguna Quilotoa, which is basically a volcano crater, and take a swim in the caldera. Our stay for the night's going to be in Banos – a town right at the foot of the Tungurahua volcano.

Day 4 (October, 23rd)
Exploring the sights around Banos. You'll get soaking wet while standing right behind the powerful Pilon del Diablo waterfall and then get a well-deserved share of relaxation in therapeutic mineral spring pools. In the evening we'll get back to Quito to have some rest before departure.

Day 5 (October, 24th)
San Cristobal. After we have arrived at the island and checked in to the hotel, you'll have some free time at your disposal.

Day 6 (October, 25th)
Exploring the area. Take the time to indulge into bird and sea lion watching. Diving sights: Kicker Rock with towering pillars above and mesmerizing colorful sea life below the water surface.

Day 7 (October, 26th)
Transfer to Santa Cruz. After everyone is done with their check-ins, we'll go to the beach to get some quality time walking alongside iguanas and swimming with reef sharks roaming in the mangrove forests.

Day 8 (October, 27th)
Exploring the area, animal and bird watching. Diving sights: Seymour, Gordon.

Day 9 (October, 28th)
Exploring the area, animal and bird watching. Diving sights: Bartolome, Floreana

Day 10 (October, 29th)
Exploring the area, animal and bird watching. Diving sights: Floreana, Pinzon.

Day 11 (October, 30th)
Transfer to Isabela. Join us for the visit to the giant tortoise breeding center and flamingo lagoon followed by penguin watching, snorkeling and kayaking near Tintoreras.

Day 12 (October, 31st)
Boat tour to the Cabo Rosa tunnels. Apart from the tunnels, which are pretty impressive by themselves, you'll get to snorkel with turtles and sharks as well as watch blue-footed boobies and lay at the beach for a while.

Day 13 (November, 1st)
Hiking to the Sierra Negra volcano. Its last eruption occurred in 2005, but we hope you won't get intimidated by this fact and will walk along the rim of the second biggest crater in the world scoring an astonishing 11 kilometers in diameter. You'll be able to get some rest later in the day while snorkeling at Concha de Perla.

Day 14 (November, 2nd)
Exploring the area, animal and bird watching, snorkeling.

Day 15 (November, 3rd)
Getting back to first Santa Cruz and then Quito to catch your departure flights the next day.

Day 16 (November, 4th)

But that's not it yet! Throughout the trip we'll be drone filming our adventures so you'll get a clip from our team to reminisce.

What's included:
  • guiding services;
  • accommodation based on double occupancy prices (single occupancy option are also available upon request);
  • transfers;
  • activities listed in the itinerary;
  • drone filming

Additional expenses:
  • health insurance;
  • meals (except for some of the hotels we're staying at);
  • diving/snorkeling gear rental fees;
  • Galapagos entrance permit (100$ per person);
  • plane tickets (both to Quito and Galapagos islands)
    About the islands

    The Galapagos islands are a volcanic archipelago, part of Ecuador. It consists of 16 bigger and a plethora of smaller islands covering the total area of 7,880 km2 with the population of more than 4000 people. Each of 13 major islands is unique and different from the others in many ways. Galapago means "turtle" in Spanish, so it's easy to guess what the islands are famous for.

    The Humboldt Current brings cold water to the islands so the climate is quite hot and dry, thought with occasional drizzles. The average temperature varies from 22 to 24˚C making the climate comfortable to live in.

    Tropic species here exist along with polar ones, some of them are relict and endemic. The most distinct representatives are giant tortoises, iguanas, sea lions and fur seals, but you will also encounter flamingos, penguins, pelicans, seagulls and parrots. As for the flora, how about bumping into arctic mosses and tropical lianas in just one day?

    Being one of the most picturesque national parks in the world, the Galapagos islands are considered evolution's workshop as the climate and terrain adaptations local species had to go through are exactly what inspired Charles Darwin to write his famous work "On the origin of species" after he had spent five weeks on the islands in 1835.

    Good to know:
    • The air temperature is approximately 28˚C;
    • The water temperature in the ocean is approximately 20˚C;
    • No specific fitness level is required for the hiking routs listed;
    • Make sure you check the visa and vaccination requirements for your nationality;
    • Don't forget to pack sunscreen and a hat, trekking boots or sneakers, insect repellent, warm clothes to wear in the evening and swimming condiments like flippers, snorkeling masks, tubes and a 5mm wetsuit if you're not going to rent one.

    Why choose Team Trip?

    • Our team unites travelers, mountaineers, divers, photographers, guides and ethnographers experiences enough and qualified to organize unconventional trips. Surrounded by professionals you will not only learn a lot about the field they work in, but also feel safe and taken care of throughout the travel.

    • The team spirit is just as important: we treat our clients like our friends and it's no wonder most of them do stay in touch after travelling with us. Having fun is part of our motto and a great sense of humor is a must for our team members.

    • We thoroughly select, check and double-check all of our routes before we lead the group, so there won't be any surprises but for the nice ones.

    • Safety is our utmost priority, that's why we only collaborate with trustworthy and reliable accommodation providers, guides and transportation services. We prepare for the trips we organize and our knowledge of the area is impeccable.

    • Taking part in wildlife preservation programs and wildlife photography contests allows us to reflect on what we see during our trips. We've won several so far (Siena International Photo Award, Underwater Photographer of the Year 2016, Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen), but most importantly this way we're able to give back instead of merely taking.

    Once you have made up your mind or in case further information is required contact us and we'll gladly answer all of your questions and make a booking for you
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