November 22 - December 2, 2018
Marsa Alam: searching for dugong
Snorkeling with dugong & turtles, freediving courses, scuba diving with sharks
Abu Dabbab bay near Marsa Alam city, Egypt, is famous around the world for its population of dugongs, also known as sea cows. These peaceful and gentle giants, members of the smallest order of marine mammals called Sirena, are pretty rare around the world. Abu Dabbab is one of the best places to meet them.
Dugongs often visit Abu Dabbab and the surrounding bays. We will put on masks and snorkels and search for these beautiful animals. We will also meet large resident turtles, giant stingrays, guitarfish and plenty of reef fish. It's also possible to encounter dolphins in the bay.

Dugongs grow up to 4 meters long and weigh up to half a ton. These slow shelter-dwellers are quite friendly towards divers/snorkelers and let people stay close to them for a long time. It is possible to spend over an hour with a dugong, taking pictures and exploring its behavior in the wild. We will see sea cows feed, surface for a breath of air, spin near the bottom and, if we are lucky, we may even observe them chasing turtles.

After chasing the dugong, we will go to the reef wall to practice freediving with our experienced instructor. Everyone will be able to freedive at depths of 10 meters minimum and receive a freediver certificate. If you already a freediver you will have an opportunity do develop your skills and acquire new ones. In the evening there will be lectures on marine mammals and marine biology.

For scuba divers and adrenaline seekers there is a famous Elphinstone reef situated not far from our bay. Elphinstone is the home to several shark species, the most famous of which are Oceanic whitetips or Longimanus — large pelagic predators capable of growing over three meters long. It is also possible to meet thresher sharks, scalloped hammerheads and several species of reef sharks.

November 22 - December 2, 2018
Price: 1280 USD

Day 1 (22 November)
Arrival to Hurgada. Transfer to Marsa Alam (4 hours). Alternatively, there are direct flights to Marsa Alam, although they are rare and are more expensive.

Day 2-10 (23 November - 2 December)
Searching for dugong in Abu Dabbab and the surrounding bays. Reef snorkeling. Freediving classes with an experienced instructor. Lectures. Additional scuba diving.

Day 11 (3 December)
Transfer to Hurgada and flights back home.

What is included:
  • Airport transfers
  • Accomodation in a hotel near the bay
  • All meals
  • Dugong snorkeling, freediving courses, lectures
What is not included:
  • Extra expenditures
  • Scuba diving
  • Alcohol

Pictures by Stas Zakharov and Mike Korostelev
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