sailing yacht expedition to the
jewel of Russian Arctic
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August 16 - September 3 / September 4 - 23 , 2022
  • 19 days
    17 days at the sea
  • Polar bears, walruses and whales
  • Difficulty:
  • 10 500 EUR
What to expect
Chukotka is the most remote region of Russia and an iconic place for those who are in love with the Arctic and wildlife. This is the real High Arctic.
In summer, walruses bask under the Arcitic sun, polar bears hunt for seals, arctic foxes try to steal eggs from birds nestled in giant bazaars on sheer cliffs.
We will visit the most iconic places in Chukotka - Cape Chaplin, where gray whales approach the shore, the whaler's village of Lorino, Itygran Island with the famous Whale Alley, Cape Dezhnev - the easternmost point of Eurasia, Cape Kenisken, where up to one hundred thousand walruses can occur and Kolyuchin Island, where you can see polar bears who have chosen an abandoned weather station for being their temporary home.
The waters washing the coast of Chukotka are plowed by mysterious bowhead, gray and humpback whales. Whales, as always, will be one of the most important points of our program.
If you are a romantic, a dreamer, an explorer or just a wildlife lover, welcome aboard our ocean yacht Basileus, which will allow us to comfortably spend two and a half weeks on the ocean and safely return to port.
Traditionally, on our trip, we will pay the most attention to interaction with animals.
  • 1
    Small group and flexible itinerary
    We go in a small group on our own ship, and we can fully control the route and adjust it in accordance with the wishes of the guests. If one wants to take longer pictures of walruses on the colony observe the whales passing by, he can always do it.
    The yacht Basilevs accommodates 12 people, taking into account the crew and guides, so we get a small group of 7 guests, and everyone can be solely with nature, take plenty of pictures of animals and landscapes, and get an individual approach in everything.
  • 2
    Which animals we will see?
    - The main stars of our program will, of course, be polar bears and walruses
    - Seals - seals, bearded seals, harp seals, sea lions
    - Bowhead whales, gray whales, humpback whales, minke whales, beluga whales
    - Arctic foxes
    - Over 15 species of seabirds
  • 3
    Accomodation aboard comfortable yacth
    The Basileus yacht is designed specifically for comfortable and safe sailing in high latitudes. You will find a cozy comfortable ship and dishes from the chef.
Day 1. Anadyr.
Arrival to Anadyr. Accommodation on the ship. City walk tour. In addition to local attractions, we will not miss the wildlife - we will see belugas right at the pier, a five-minute drive from the airport. Overnight at the ship.
Day 2. At the sea.
At the sea. Transition to the walrus rookery.
Day 3. First time with walruses
Today we will visit the first walrus rookeries on our route on the Meechkin and Reetkyn spits. Walruses are not always found on the rookeries, so we include visiting a number of rookeries in our itinerary.
День 4. Beauty of Southern Chukotka

We will visit the Eskimo village of Enmelen, we will see the magnificent Bering Cape and Preobrazheniya Bay, where we will admire the bird colonies.
Day 5. Providenya.
The village of Providenya is surrounded by picturesque fjords and is the important harbour of the Northern Sea Route. We will walk around the village and visit the local museum. In the evening we will watch sea lions at Cape Chukotsky.
Day 6. Senyavin strait
Today we will try to find gray whales feeding off the coastline at Cape Chaplin, pass through the picturesque islands of the Senyavin Strait and swim in the hot springs of Gylmymyl.
Day 7. Senyavin strait.
Today we will land on the island of Itygran, where the famous whale alley is located, watch the feeding of humpback whales and take a boat ride under the huge bird colonies located on the islands.
Day 8. Lorino
Lorino is the most famous settlement of whalers and hunters in Chukotka. We will get acquainted with the local Chukchi culture.
Dat 9. Cape Dezhnev
Today we will be the first in the world to meet the sunrise at Cape Dezhnev, the easternmost point of Eurasia. Having rounded Cape Dezhnev, we will enter the Arctic Ocean and continue moving along the coast to the west. In the evening we will get to Cape Heart-Stone, the largest walrus rookery in the world. You can often see polar bears here.
Day 10. Kolyuchin island
Kolyuchin Island is a famous place where in a good year you can meet several dozens of polar bears.
Day 11. Vankarem
Walrus rookery and possible polar bear sighting by Vankarem village. Turning back to Anadyr.
Day 12
Today we will land at the easternmost settlement in the world - Uelen. It is famous for its bone carving workshop and museum, which we will visit.
Day 13.
Lavrentiya bay. Fishing in the river and observing brown bears.
Day 14.
Yanrakynnot local village. Whale watching in the Senyavin Strait.
Day 15.
Nuligran village. Fishing in the lake.
Day 16.
Transition to Anadyr
Day 17.
Reserve day
Day 18.
Arrival to Anadyr
Day 19.
Flight back home
Обратите внимание!
Маршрут может быть изменен по погодным и навигационным условиям с целью обеспечения безопасности плавания.
10 500 EUR per person
August 16 - September 3, 2022
September 4 - 23, 2022
  • Included:
    • Accomodation and meals onboard
    • Airport transfers
    • All necessary documets for visiting Russian Arctic
  • Not included:
    • Flights
    • Accomodation in Anadyr in case of waiting for the return flights
    • Ay extra costs, including flight changes and delays
    • Personal equipment
    • Insurance
More information
Our journey will take place during the Arctic summer, during the so-called ice window. The air temperature ranges from -5 to +15 C. On the water and in the wind, the temperature feels much lower than it really is.
Personal equipment
  • Warm fleece and thermal underwear.
  • Several pairs of warm socks.
  • Rubber boots (for landings).
  • Crocs for walking inside the yacht.
  • A windbreaker jacket and things made of water-repellent (waterproof) materials
  • gloves (preferably 2 pairs), a hat (preferably 2).
  • Sunglasses (with a rope so that it does not blow into the sea).
  • Personal hygiene items.
  • Hand cream and sunscreen.
  • Waterproof covers for photographic equipment.
  • Personal first aid kit with individual medicines.
  • Pills for motion sickness (dramina, stugeron)
    Our journey will take place in the Arctic summer. The air temperature fluctuates around +5+10 degrees Celsius. On the water and in the wind, the temperature feels much lower than it really is
Ports and flights
The starting and finishing point of our expedition is Anadyr, the capital of Chukotka. There are direct flights from Moscow by Utair company/
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