Nature of Russian Arctic: whales, walruses, seals and birds
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13 - 22 August, 2019
10 Days
Expedition to the Far North of Russia
Difficulty level: Medium
235.000 RUB
What to expect from the trip?
Chukotka is the most remote and hardly accessible region of Russia. Beacause of it remotness, Chukotka's wildlife is still untouched and purely wild!
We have designed this very special tour in cooperation with Beringia National Park, the largest and the most important national park in Chukotka
Our destination, Providence, is the most unique place in Chukotka. Only here the traveller can see the majestic fjords and enormous mountains and make a "drive on the moon" in our large ATV vechicle, dive into hot springs and see the whale within touching distance.
The accommodation will be organised on the Berigia's research base in Pengingey fjord. We will see large colonies of birds, including horned puffins, visit the large walrus rookery in Arakamchechen island, will stand one meter from the feeding gray whale in Chaplina cape, feed the ground squirrel, meet seals and other magnificent dwellers of Russian Arctic. We will also meet local Chuckchi and Inuit and get into their unique culture on hunting.
During the whole trip, we will be accompanied by the experienced ranger of Beringia National Park.
Day 1 (13 August)
Arrival to Providenya. Checking-in at the hostel. Walk through the town. Visit to the museum. The first acquaintance with the culture of the indigenous people of Chukotka peninsula and with the national park Beringiya.
Day 2 (14 August)
One-day drive to see an ancient inuit village near Istihead lake. Overnight stay in the hostel.
Day 3 (15 August)
Early morning 2-hours ATV-drive to Rumilet fjord. 1-hour speedboat transfer to the base in Seniavin straight. Feeding groung squirrels:) Visiting the ancient artifact of inuit culture - the famous whale valley. Thermal bathing. Overnight in the houses.
Day 4 (16 August)
Visiting Pengingey fjord where we will observe the feeding of humpback whales, bird and seal colonies. Short and simple mountain trekking. Thermal bathing. Overnight in the houses.
Day 5 (17 August)
Today we will visit the walrus rookery in Arakamchechen island. Trekking in Arakamchechen. Observing the gray whales in Chechenkuyim straight. Thermal bathing. Overnight in the houses.
Important: walrus rookery is unstable and visiting is possible on in good conditions. We can not guarantee this part of the program.
Day 6 (18 August)
Observing harp seals in Abolosheva fjord. Bird rookeries visiting. Thermal bathing, overnight in the houses.
Day 7 (19 August)
Transfer back to Providence town. Sauna. Relaxing. Overnight in hostel.
Day 8 (20 August)
One-day drive to Chaplina cape. Here we can spot arctic fox and gray whales, which feed couple of meters away from the shoreline. Overnight in hostel.
Day 9 (21 August)
Extra day for weather delays and additional activities.
Day 10 (22 August)
Аirport transfer and flight back home.
Please note!
This is a real expedition with very basic accomodation. Do not expect anything like single rooms or 5* (even 3*!) hotels. Every participant should be ready for this type of conditions.
This programme can be changed due to weather conditions.

235.000 RUB
Dates: 13 - 22 August, 2019
  • All transfers
  • All meals, excluding meals while living in the hostel. Chef for the Seniavina straght.
  • All paperwork for national park
  • Assistance for getting border zone permits
  • Accompaniment of the experienced national park guide
Not included:
  • Meals while living in hostel
  • Drinks
  • Airfares
  • Any expenses in Anadyr
  • Any additional expenses due to weather flight delays
Additional information
Temperature from +10 to +20 С
List of equipment
  • Warm clothing, rubberboots
  • Mosquito spray
How to get here
Firat you fly to Anadyr (DYR). There are straight flights from Moscow. From Anadyr we will help you to arrange tickets to/from Providence, the price one way is about 10 000 roubles. Be ready for weather delays which occur quite often in this region. We recommend to buy return tickets with flexible dates.
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