The Solovetsky Islands:
observing Belugas and seals, exploring nature and history of the archipelago

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12-17 July / 19-24 July / 26-31 July / 03-08 August, 2020
  • 5 Days
  • Beluga whales, seals, informative programme
  • Easy level
  • from 49.500 RUB
What to expect from the trip?
The Solovetsky Islands (or also referred to as Solovki) are the heart of the White Sea. The beauty of the pristine nature of the Russian North is combined with the rich history and spirit of sea adventures. Every summer Belugas (or beluga white whales) come here. Every day these beautiful animals gather near the Beluga Cape. Here they breed, give birth, care for and train their cubs, communicate with each other. It is said that sometimes there are even fights of males, and then water around the boat boils.
In addition to observing Beluga whales, nature lovers can expect seals, which can be closely observed every day on the Top Island. On the Sennaya Luda Island we will be able to observe dozens of species of birds. We will also sail to the picturesque Dolgaya Bay, study the invertebrate fauna, which the White Sea plentifully contains. We will eat mussels prepared on a fire. We will drive through the Island and imbue with its spirit, touch rich and sometimes tragic history of archipelago of the Gulag times, learn about life of the islanders.
    Day 1
    Arrival and hotel check-in. Acquaintance with the Island. Walking through the village, visiting the Labyrinths Cape and the Maritime Museum. In the evening we will have a lecture about the Arctic.
    Day 2
    We will set sail and will be watching Beluga whales on the Beluga Cape for several hours. Next stop is the Top Island, home to two species of seals. Landing on the Top Island (if the weather permits). Visit to the Sennaya Luda Island where we will see sunken ships and visit bird bazaars.
    In the afternoon we will have a tour to the famous Solovetsky Monastery.
    Day 3
    Day on the Dolgaya Bay, which is the picturesque "Inner Sea" of the Great Solovetsky Island. Sailing and studying the underwater fauna of the White Sea in comfortable conditions. Catching mussels and picnicking on an Island. Visit to the Stone Dam and the Muksalma Island. Introduction to history of the archipelago.
    Day 4
    In the morning we will have a land route of the programme. A trip to the Island, a visit to the Mount Sekirnaya, skete, hydraulic structures and monuments of architecture and history, the Gulag Museum.
    In the afternoon we will set sail and will visit the Beluga Cape and the Top Island in search of belugas (white whales) and seals.
    Day 5
    A trip to the Zayatsky Islands to visit mysterious ancient labyrinths.
    Paddling through the inner canals of the Island. Visit to the bath.
    Day 6
    Walk through the woods in search of moose. Free time.
    Departures in the afternoon.
    The programme is approximate and can be adjusted for weather conditions. We are not responsible for the inability to set sail in case of the bad weather.
    Cost: 49.500 RUB
    12-17 July / 19-24 July / 26-31 July / 03-08 August, 2020
    • Included:
      • Hotel accommodation (double). Accommodation in a "luxury" hotel or single room is provided upon request
      • Food and meals: breakfasts, light snacks on the boat and during other rides and trips
      • All transfers in accordance with the programme
      • Sailing and trips around the Island
      • Transfers from/to the airport/the berth
    • Not included:
      • Food: Dinner, lunches in the village
      • Drinks
      • The road to/from Solovki
      • Unforeseen road costs in case of bad weather
    • Recommended gear and equipment:
      • Warm and waterproof clothing, hat, gloves, trekking boots for walking in the woods
      • Mosquito spray
    Useful information
    • Weather
      Average air temperatures are from +15°C to +23°C
    • How to get there
      The best way to get to Solovki is by train. From Moscow or St. Petersburg you can take a train to the town of Kem, from where the ferry named M/V "Vasily Kosyakov" (a passenger boat of internal and mixed (river-sea) navigation) goes. You can book tickets on the website via
      A private boat can also be ordered from the town of Kem.
      There is also a flight from Arkhangelsk to Solovki several times a week. Tickets can be purchased on the website of the
    Tour leaders
    • Volodya Potansky

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