august 07 - 18, 2018
The wild nature of Kamchatka, Russia
Bears, orcas, whales, volcanoes
For those of you who want to get a glimpse of real wild Russian nature we've planned a 12 day trip to Kamchatka, where you'll be able to approach wild animals as close as it's ever going to get, observing them in their natural habitat. Come along to spend 3 days at the South Kamchatka Federal Reserve near the Kuril lake watching numerous brown bears hunt spawning salmon.
The other part of the tour is just as exciting, so don't put the camera away yet: we're setting out for a cruise along the coast of Kamchatka with FEROP research group (Far East Russia Orca Project), who study killer whales in Kamchatka since 1999, to make more shots and watch marine mammals. We'll listen to biologists' lectures enjoying our stay at the "Kosatka" catamaran and then find ourselves swimming among the animals we've just heard so much about. It's a wonderful opportunity to observe orcas in their natural habitat for those who love both animals and science. It's not just orcas, though. We will also meet with seals, sea otters, observe northern seabirds, Beringian gophers (Eurasian) and black-capped marmots (tarbagans).
And, of course, we will visit the Mutnovsky volcano and make an ascent to Avachinsky: the tracking routes won't be difficult, therefore accessible to everyone.

We can't describe in words what emotions you can get from this adventure – just go and live through it!

Day 1 (August, 7)
Arrival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, check in to the hotel. Free time, briefing.

Day 2 (August, 8)

Excursion to the Avachinsky volcano. Watching Beringian gophers (Eurasian) and black-capped marmots (tarbagans).

Day 3 (August, 9)
Ascent of the Mutnovsky volcano.

Day 4 (August, 10th)
Early departure. Off-road transfer to the Pauzhetka village along the Okhotsk sea coast. Dinner. Bathing in thermal pools. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 5 (August, 11th)
Off-road transfer to the Ozernaya river, crossing the river. Hiking 13 km without luggage to the Ozerny cordon of the South Kamchatka Federal Sanctuary (all the belongings will be transferred to our camp by boat). On the way we'll visit the rocks of Kutkhina Bati. Check in to the cordon territory. Pitching the camp. Excursion to the KamchatNIRO scientific station. Watching bears.

Day 6 (August, 12th)
Photo tour at the Kuril Lake. Boat transfer to one of the salmon spawn rivers. Bear watching.

Day 7 (August, 13th)
Photo tour at the Kuril Lake. Boat transfer to one of the salmon spawn rivers. Bear watching.

Day 8 (August, 14th)
Photo tour at the Kuril Lake. Boat transfer to one of the salmon spawn rivers. Hiking to the Ozernaya river. Off-road transfer to the Pauzhetka village. Dinner. Bathing in thermal pools.

Day 9 (August, 15th)
Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky along the Okhotsk sea coast. Check into hotel.

Day 10 (August, 16th)
Boarding on the catamaran 'BERING'. Visiting Starichkov island, watching seals, birds. Visiting the Vilyuchinskaya bay and the Green Cape searching for killer whales on the way. Visiting the FEROP station. Listening to the lecture about killer whales. Overnight stay at the catamaran.

Day 11 (August, 17th)
Hiking to Kekurny cape. Diving/snorkeling with steller Sea Lions. Searching for orca and whales sightings. Diving/snorkeling with orcas/whales. Return to the dockyard. Check into hotel.

Day 12 (August, 18th)
Departure to the airport.
Cost: 295 000 rubles per person

What's included?
  • accommodation in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (4 or 6 person accomodation);
  • accommodation and meals on the catamaran (lots of fresh seafood);
  • inflatable boat rental fees for a close approach to the animals;
  • all transfers according to the itinerary (including the transfer on a passenger truck to the Kuril Lake and back);
  • cordon territory entrance permit (camping site);
  • meals and accommodation in the Pauzhetka village;
  • meals on the Kuril Lake;
  • armed forester accompaniment during the bear photo tour;
  • excursions to volcanoes, Halaktyrsky beach and hot springs

Additional expenses
  • plane tickets;
  • diving and snorkeling gear;
  • health insurance;
  • meals in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky;
  • extra money for single accommodation – 17500 ruble

To-pack list

  • waterproof tent;
  • 0˚C comfort level sleeping bag;
  • sleeping mat;
  • comfortable waterproof shoes 2 sets (trekking boots, sneakers);
  • thermal underwear;
  • flashlight;
  • insect repellent;
  • waterproof pants, jacket;
  • raincoat;
  • hat, woolen socks, gloves, jacket;
  • wetsuit, mask, snorkel, flippers, gloves, socks (also available for rent in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky).
Once you have made up your mind or in case further information is required contact us and we'll gladly answer all of your questions and make a booking for you
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