Lake Baikal skating trail

February, 26th – March, 6th, 2018
Нам предстоит пройти на коньках по самому красивому и большому катку в мире - озеру Байкал. Каждый день мы будем проходить по невероятно живописным местам от 15 до 30 км! Нас ожидают ночевки под ясным звездным небом, ледяные скульптуры, обледеневшие гроты, выход в Большое море, удивительные ледяные узоры и пузырьки подо льдом и бесконечные удивительно прекрасные просторы Байкала!

Irkutsk – Nikola village – MRS (Sahurta) – Olkhon route – Huzhir – Irkutsk

Day 1 (February, 26th)
After we've arrived at Irkutsk we'll get a transfer to Nikola village to visit Limonology museum and have some time to get acclimatized and relax.

Day 2 (February, 27th)
The start of the trail. Early in the morning (6 a.m) we'll get a transfer to the start of the trail in Sahurta village and spend the day skating around the islands of the Small Sea waiting for the gear to catch up with the group and then have an overnight stay at a tourist guest house.

Day 3 (February, 28th)
MRS – Tashkhiney Pad (30 km). This is going to be the most challenging day of the trail as we'll have to cross about 30 kilometres before we find a place on the east side of Olkhon island convenient enough for the camp to be pitched. This is the farthest cars can get so starting this moment we'll have to carry all the gear ourselves. Having crossed the Olkhon Gate we'll finally see the Large Sea and soon have an overnight stay in tents.

Day 4 (March, 1st)
Tashkhiney Pad – Odena Pad (14 km). The next camping site is in 14 kilometers so no waste this time: enjoy your skating while observing the majestic Siberian nature.

Day 5 (March, 2nd)
Odena Pad – Cape right Shuntae (25 km). Baikal is the deepest lake on the Planet and today we'll cross its deepest part observing Olkhon's picturesque landscapes, admiring the clearness of huge ice crystals of the Large Sea and wondering about the mysteries of the depth beneath us.

Day 6 (March, 3rd)
Cape Right Shuntae – Cape Sagan Hushur (15 km). We'll reach the extreme point of Olkhon island ‒ Cape Hoboy – observing enormous ice crevices and taking pictures of the Cape of Tree brothers (Shagan Hushun) along the way.

Day 7 (March, 4th)
Cape Sagan Hushun – Peschanaya village (20 km). We'll be making our way to the place of our next stay bumping into gorgeous ice sculptures now and again, which are common for this area.

Day 8 (March, 5th)
Peschanaya village – Huzhir village (20 km). After we have reached famous Cape Burhan with Shamanka rock, our trail will be over and we'll have an overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 9 (March, 6th)
Transfer to Irkutsk. Departure

39500 rubles per person

Please note that the cost of the program does not cover additional expenses as well as the tickets, but we can help you find the best offer available if needed.

What's included?
  • accommodation in a guesthouse with Russian sauna (the nights before and after the trek);
  • transfers according to the itinerary;
  • tent rental fees;
  • skates, sleds, ropes, ice traction cleats, belts rental fees;
  • meals;
  • guiding services;
  • gear selection assistance;
  • GPS, satellite cell phone, emergency service registration;
  • skating practice in Moscow (lake rinks) prior to the trip.

Additional expenses
  • plane tickets;
  • health insurance;
  • meals in Irkutsk and Huzhir;
  • extra expenses.
    List of necessary equipment:

    1) Personal special running equipment:
    • Skates (if you don't have, we'll give you)
    • Ski helmet
    • Stick - should be as high as your shoulder
    • Protection on the knees and elbows - protection for roller skates is suitable
    • Sleigh
    • 10 m auxiliary rope + belt for fastening - we'll buy a rope, but it's better to have your own belt. A wide sling is suaitable.
    • Backpack 75-100 liters
    • Glasses from the sun and wind (snowboard mask) – mask is more convenient
    • Shoe spikes
    • Rescue spikes for fishing
    • Thermos
    • Light backpack

    2) Clothes:
    • Boots – they should be rather free, so that you can wear extra socks. ALSO IMPORTANT THE HARD FIXATION OF THE ANKLE!
    • Warm thermal underwear (pants + jacket)
    • Fleece clothes (pants + jacket)
    • Running clothes (pants + jacket)
    • Down jacket
    • Polyester pants (or your fleece pants + running)
    • Hat + balaclava or scarf - it is recommended in addition to the hat to have also balaclava or mask to protect from the wind
    • Gloves (several pairs)
    • Warmed mittens
    • Socks of different degree of warming
    • Warm shorts (never unnecessary)
    • Booties for tent or very warm socks

    3) Personal bivouac equipment:
    • Sleeping bag - comfort is about -15, weight is up to 2 kg. We take 2 sleeping bags. Warm synthetic and inside it a light downy one.
    • 2 rugs, DO NOT take an inflatable one
    • Overboots
    • Mug, spoon, bowl, knife - the most important equipment :)
    • Flashlight (headlight)
    • Analgesic + matches
    • Personal first aid kit - see below
    • Cream from the sunburn / wind
    • Means of personal hygiene

    The weight of personal equipment should not be more than 15 kg. If you have more, we can talk about it. But you can not reduce weight by throwing out warm clothes

    4) Other:
    • Extreme insurance
    • Documents, money in the waterproof bag
    • For foreign citizens REGISTRATION at the Federal Migration Service

    5) Minimum first-aid kit:
    • Sterile bandage or any dressing bag
    • Several bactericidal plasters and a plaster roll in the amount that you need during the trip.
    • Elastic bandage / special elastic bandage on the joint , if there are aching joints that you reel.
    • Individual medicines for the treatment of your chronic diseases. With annotations!
    • Hygienic Lipstick
    • Hand cream can be taken at will.

    Many tourists take much more depending on habits and personal preferences and the ability to carry it all by yourself.

    Once you have made up your mind or in case further information is required contact us and we'll gladly answer all of your questions and make a booking for you
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